martedì 25 novembre 2014


What the hell is this game? Is an original game created on the basis of great games of the past, Turrican, Megaman, Bubble Bobble, games that i loved when i was a child. Here the video from youtoube and some screenshots to let you know better what i'm talking about. 

Note! The ingame from the video is work in progress, so you can see some secret structures that will be not in the final game, have mercy friends!

In the main screen you can choose the mode that you want to play, Storymode or Survival mode, the storymode is available also in the 2$ version of the game, the Survival mode only in the 3$ version of the game.

Shoot for survive! Destroy enemies to go on through the levels and be careful, cause the spaceship is full of deadly traps!

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