martedì 30 dicembre 2014

Blasted 60% of the goal!!

Happy today, cause we blasted 60% of the goal, we can still do it, i need your help my friends, please preorder your copy and support my game, i'm sure that you'll have fun playing it!
Together we can reach the goal easily, just 4 days and the campaign will ends... Hurry up! Tell your friends, come on! I count on you to make this project real! Victory is really near!

domenica 28 dicembre 2014


Last 2 perks available on Indiegogo! Let me explain them:

SUPPORTER LUXURY BOX 100$ perkWith 100$ you'll have ALL the material in the 50perk + the fantastic Luxury Box, that includes:
1 USB pendribe (2Gb) with inside Broken core FV + Artbook + Ost and 6 fantastic cards, look at the pictures and tell me if it's not just AWESOME!

SUPPORTER LUXURY BOX+FIGURE 200$ perkWith 200$ you'll have ALL the material in the 100perk + one and only Broken core mini figure, created by me, ONLY ONE copy in the world! A cute little piece of art that can stand on your desktop remembering to you that also one person can do good things if well motivated. I believe in this project and i think this is the last proof you needed to believe in me.

venerdì 26 dicembre 2014


I'm very happy and i want to thank you, we reached 50% and we can double it and win! Come on, invite your friends, tell around, with a little help we can do it very fast!

mercoledì 24 dicembre 2014

Merry Xmas from Broken core!

Be good with each other and be happy! Have fun and rest enough to start a new year with full power!
Broken core wishes you Happy Xmas Holidays!

venerdì 19 dicembre 2014

Great tribute from Daza!

I received a great surprise today, an awesome illustration from Daza, an old friend of mine, great artist and comic strip creator, i love this vision of Syro and you?
For more of the artist here his page:

You can send me an e-mail with your tributes if you like Syro and Broken core oscar_celestini(dot) i'll be happy to add your works in the Artbook included in Broken core FV pack on indiegogo.

mercoledì 17 dicembre 2014

Article on!!

Great news, CartoonMag dedicated a great article to Broken Core!
Check it out! It's in italian but i can grant you it's great!


lunedì 15 dicembre 2014


Hi everyone, today a little gift for you, a wallpaper full hd! Here the preview, click HERE to download it full res.
Do you like it? Want more? Just ask!

Support Broken core on INDIEGOGO!

REACHED 31%, thank you!

We reached and blasted 30%, people like Broken core and i'm sure we can do it! You can preorder your digital copy on indieGOGO, but if you are not sure and want to try it there is a playable demo downloadable there or here in the blog.

venerdì 12 dicembre 2014

DEMO released!

Happy to announce that is downloadable a playable demo!
You can download it here: BROKEN CORE DEMO VERSION
Preorder your digital copy of the complete game here: BROKEN CORE FV

All the infos about the release:

Broken core on IndieGOGO
As I promised, here the first playable demo of my game!
There is so much to tell you that i don't know where to start.
First of all it's a PC game, playable on most computers starting from 2gb of ram (i think it will run also on a 1gb ram pc but i can't test it).
The game will run on a window: 1200x860 (pixel size 2X) and you can easily put it on full screen pressing Alt+Enter (the same to return in windowed mode)
You can play using keyboard:
A= jump
S= shot
D= missile

Broken core DEMO VERSION contents

- Storymode illustrated intro;
- 4 playable levels from the game;

Broken core FINAL VERSION contents
-Storymode illustrated (intro and lots of other ingame illustrations);
-More than 30 playable levels;
-Bonus stages;
-3 kind of mechanical arm cannon;
-Password system to save progress;
-Huge final boss;
-Survival mode available;
-Secret art gallery.

Feel free to contact me for issues, advices, opinions and everithing jump in your mind playing my game, remember that this is far from perfection (lots of little things that i'll fix and change before the final release) so, don't be cruel!
IMPORTANT! You can preorder your digital copy of the complete game (and lots of other great stuffs related to it) on Indiegogo page (the campaign will finish on january 03 2015 so get hurry!).

mercoledì 10 dicembre 2014

T-shirt preview!

New update on Indiegogo, as you can see from the image below, as i promised here some pics of the t-shirt prototipe i made to let you know how nice will be. What do you think? Model is Rosita, Syro in the game, she loved it and you? To see some images look at the update in the link below!


Verticalismi talks about my game!

Whoa, great article dedicated to my game on the italian comic site (very important here in Italy) If you know a bit of italian lets read and share if you like!

lunedì 8 dicembre 2014

First 50$ perk taken, so happy!

Come on! On Indiegogo first 50$ perk slot gone! I'm very happy of it and i'm working on new original sketches. I'm adding some sounds to the game and developping a little demo that i'll like to release this week (i hope so and i'm working hard on it)


giovedì 4 dicembre 2014

C64 style!

Hi everyone, today i want to promote Broken core using a C64 tribute! I've used the C64 palette and resolution (more or less) what do you think?
Remember to preorder your copy of the game!

martedì 2 dicembre 2014


New perk of the week! Now with 50$ you can preorder a full pack of beautiful things, including: Broken Core FV, Artbook, Ost, T-shirt and ORIGINAL SKETCH 15x21cm done in blue pencil+blackpencil, signed for you!

Sketch will be similiar at this one and will be selected randomly between some sketches i'll do in next days. What do you think?

venerdì 28 novembre 2014


As i promised, here a new perk on indiegogo, you can have the FULL SUPPORTER PACK (BROKEN CORE FV, ARTBOOK, OST, Name in the credits) + an ORIGINAL T-SHIRT, available in 3 different models, CLASSIC, VINTAGE, SPECIAL and 7, SEVEN! different colors.

What do you think of them?


Illustration completed for the first kind of t-shirt that will be available as new perk on Indiegogo
Do you like it? Soon other 2 alternative t-shirts.

giovedì 27 novembre 2014


Hi everyone, great news, at the link you can read the rules of the SHAREGAME on Facebook. Everybody who'll share that post will be able to win a free copy of Broken Core FV!!
Just a clic and 3 names will be selected randomly between sharers.
Good Luck!

martedì 25 novembre 2014


What the hell is this game? Is an original game created on the basis of great games of the past, Turrican, Megaman, Bubble Bobble, games that i loved when i was a child. Here the video from youtoube and some screenshots to let you know better what i'm talking about. 

Note! The ingame from the video is work in progress, so you can see some secret structures that will be not in the final game, have mercy friends!

In the main screen you can choose the mode that you want to play, Storymode or Survival mode, the storymode is available also in the 2$ version of the game, the Survival mode only in the 3$ version of the game.

Shoot for survive! Destroy enemies to go on through the levels and be careful, cause the spaceship is full of deadly traps!


Hi everyone, welcome to the BROKEN CORE's blog, i'm creating this game and i'm at a good point, if you like it share with your friends and support me, at the link you can follow the indiegogo campaign and order your digital copy of the game that will be sended in january (when i'll complete it). In the meantime, share share share!

Stay tuned for new posts and infos about the game. PREORDER NOW ON INDIEGOGO!